History Of Casino Bonuses

Online Casinos date back to as early as 1994 when the internet had just started. The gaming software was mediocre and they weren’t very popular at first, but that
was soon to change. Around the turn of the millennium, online casinos started to gain popularity. The gambling software being better wasn’t the key factor, though.
All of the good online casinos started to offer bonuses.

At one point in time around 2004, the bonuses that the online casinos were offering were obscenely easy to make money off of. Some casinos gave monthly bonuses without any casino games restrictions and a very low wagering requirement.
What ended up happening is commonly called bonus whoring; this is where players started to play at casinos just to get the bonus money and cash out. At
first, this was very easy to do, but the casinos caught on quickly.

Online casinos started to put gaming restrictions into their bonuses or made the wagering requirements very high. In some countries, like Poland for example, there
was an infomercial that showed people how to take advantage of the online casinos. To this day, you will see that players in those countries are not allowed to accept
a casino bonus because of what casinos call bonus abuse. Some casinos reserve the right
to forfeit your winnings and bonus if they think your are abusing their bonus.

That is why it is always important to read the casino bonus conditions. Many online casino
sites like this one do a great job of reviewing and listing the latest casino bonuses.  Some of the bonuses are written in a confusing manner, so we like to
simplify the terms so players know what they are agreeing to. There are some bonuses that do not allow card games like blackjack to be played with the bonus. Usually,
you will see that these are called a a Slots bonus. The games that you are allowed to play with a slot bonus are usually only online slots, keno and scratch games. Any
casino bonus that you see that is over 100% will usually be a slots bonus.